Patient services

At Bangladesh Eye Hospital Ltd. our staff provides a wide spectrum of services to patients ensuring them a pleasant and comfortable experience throughout their visit.

Our dedicated team will help you to arrange your appointments over the phone or in person. Based on the medical history provided or if you have a specific consultant in mind we will schedule an appointment for you with your doctor.

Our staff will be by your side throughout your entire visit. From the time of the arrangement of your appointment, until the end of your visit we will guide you through all the hospital procedures so that your stay at our hospital is a comfortable one.

Bangladesh Eye Hospital Ltd. has world-class diagnostics equipment’s and facilities at our disposal thus we offer the best eye care service in the country. You can find out more about these facilities in our “Diagnostics Facilities” section.

Our surgical facilities are state of the art and comply with international standards. Our experienced counselors can help you choose the option that is best suited to your need. You can find out more about these facilities in our “Surgical Facilities” section.

To facilitate customer demand Bangladesh Eye Hospital Ltd. has its own Pharmacy and Spectacles shop, where patients can acquire medicine and spectacles of high quality.

Thank you for your interest in the eye care services provided by Bangladesh Eye Hospital Ltd.