surgical facilities

Bangladesh Eye Hospital Limited offers the most advanced and the best ophthalmic surgery services available in the country. We have 7 fully functional very modern operation theater with advance surgical equipment.

Glaucoma Surgeries:

For cataract surgery we have 7 Centurion Vision System, LenSx Femtosecond cataract system, Verion system for toric IOL implantation with state of the art operating microscope from ziess.

Glaucoma Surgeries:

Trabeculecomy performed during cataract surgery, this innovative procedure trears glaucoma, often eliminating the needs for patients to use therapeutic eye drops on daily basis.

We also provide Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty (SLT) for the 1st time in our country; a convenient procedure for glaucoma treatment.

  • Oculoplastic Surgery for orbital, eyelid and lacrimal disorders.
  • Vitrectomy for the repair of retinal disorders.
  • Treatment for macular pucker and retinal detachments.
  • Surgery for squint and child patients.

Before the surgery patient has to go through some test to determine if they are eligible for surgery or not. Ask your ophthalmologist for important information such as how to prepare for surgery, details about surgery etc.

On the day of surgery patients are taken to the preparation zone where you will receive the medicine which will numb your eyes before your procedures. After surgery you must have a family member or a friend to drive you from the hospital.

Cornea and Refractive Surgery:

  • Pterygium surgery with graft with fibrin glue
  • Amniotic membrane graft
  • Corneal / Scleral patch graft
  • Surgeries for Keratoplasty Procedures
  • Ocular SurfaceDisorders
  • Cataract surgery combined with corneal transplant procedure
  • All sorts of refractive surgeries including Lasik, PRK, Lasik + CXL, Clear Lens Extraction
  • Collagen Cross Linking procedures, TEPRK with Cross Linking
  • For refractive surgery, we have Allegretto Wavelight Ex500 excimer machine supplemented by Moria Evolution 3emicrokeratome system and very soon it will be supplemented by Femtosecondlaser.