diagnostic facilities

The Diagnostic Services of Bangladesh Eye Hospital Ltd. assists our consultants in the diagnosis and treatment of ocular disease. Specialized fields of ophthalmic testing include cataract, cornea, glaucoma, neuro-ophthalmology, pediatrics, and retina. Our technicians are highly trained. We receive referrals for our services not only locally but also nationally.

We have the following diagnostics services available for our patients:


We provide the best LASER treatment for the patients who are associated with glaucoma and retina related problems. For this purpose we have the following equipments at our disposal:

  • NIDEK YAG Laser YC-1600
  • Selecta duet SLT Laser LUMENIS
  • NIDEK Argon Laser SL-1600



To assess the condition of fundus we try our best to provide highest quality photos we have the following services at BEH:

  • Digital Fluorescein Angiography with image Net software.
  • ICG Angiography (ICGA) Fundus Auto Fluorescein (FAF)

To keep the quality we have the following equipments:

  • Topcon Fundus Camera 50DX (Old)
  • Topcon Fundus Camera 50DX
  • Topcon Fundus Camera 50EX
  • Topcon Fundus Camera Type I A (ICG)

Visual Field Analyzer


To test the vision field of an eye and to help the patients we also have VFA services to provide to our patients.

  • Humphrey 750 Zeiss
  • Humphrey 740 Zeiss
  • Humphrey 740i Zeiss
  • Humphrey 720 Zeiss
  • Saagspreit AG OCTOPUS 101


To do a better diagnosis we provide Ultrasonography services both A-Scan & B-Scan for our patients.

  • ALCON OcuscanRxP
  • Quantel Medical Compact Touch
  • Sonomed B-Scan-5500
  • VISUCAM 500

3D & 2D OCT


We have the latest Ultrasound imaging technology from Topcon & Zeiss for retinal & glaucoma evaluation.

  • Topcon OCT 1000
  • Topcon OCT 2000
  • OCT 2D Zeiss
  • Cirrus OCT HD Zeiss

We also provide the following services:

Topcon Specular Microscope – Corneal endothelial cell counting for evaluating corneal diseases.

Corneal Topography – Zeiss ATLAS 9000 for corneal surface mapping

Corneal Cross-Linking System– LightLink-CXL from LIGHTMED for Faster, Precise and Customizable Treatment

Pachymetry- For measuring corneal thickness & diagnosis of corneal diseases.

Non-Contact Tonometer from NIDEK & Canon to measure Intra Ocular Pressure (IOP).

Biomerty – Zeiss IOL Master 500 & Alcon Ocuscan RxP